Our Summer Beginner Series starts June 1

Kids Aikido

kids watching technique

Our children's program encourages balance, flexibility, fluidity, confidence, and respect for others through rolling, posture, and a variety of partner practices.

The teachers of the children's program will make sure that your child learns Aikido in a safe and fun environment.

We encourage you to bring your child to watch a class before you make any decisions. Classes are available for kids age 6 and up.

kids watching technique


Please see our dues information.

What to Wear

Students may come to their first few classes wearing loose, comfortable clothing but will be required to purchase an uwagi (uniform) for training. Students are not required to buy the uniform through Seattle Aikido but we are happy to help arrange for the purchase of one or provide information for purchasing a uniform if needed. There is a wide variety of uwagi available out there but a basic white uniform consisting of a jacket, pants, and belt is recommended.


For more information about the kids program: [email protected]

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