Our Summer Beginner Series starts June 1


beginner learning kotegaeshi

Focusing on a calm, centered practice here at our dojo, students are able to find a deep connection within themselves and with their peers. Aikido is a fun, energetic, and safe practice that anyone of any age can do.

Beginner students are welcome to participate in classes at Aikido Seattle any time. Instructors will help new students join practice in a safe and fun way. Classes are structured so that all levels of participants have an opportunity to learn and grow in their individual practice regardless of previous martial arts experience.

Those interested in trying Aikido are encouraged to observe classes first and also try a class for free.

Beginners can begin at any time and participate in any class. Our instructors adapt each class to the students present and provide appropriate challenges to students of different levels.

Beginner Series

Aikido Seattle is pleased to offer several beginner series per year (see our events) for those interested in trying Aikido or restarting a practice.

We welcome new students at any time, but some students prefer beginning a practice at the same time as others of the same level. Our beginner series offers just that.

For those who wish to begin at the same time as other beginners and follow a progressive sequence of instruction, we offer a Beginner Series. We will announce the next series as we return to indoor practice.

What to Wear

Students may come to their first few classes wearing loose, comfortable clothing but will be required to purchase an uwagi (uniform) for training. Students are not required to buy the uniform through Seattle Aikido but we are happy to help arrange for the purchase of one or provide information for purchasing a uniform if needed. There is a wide variety of uwagi available out there but a basic white uniform consisting of a jacket, pants, and belt is recommended. If you would like to wear a t-shirt or undergarment under your jacket please wear an all white or all black t-shirt with no logos or writing. Please come with a clean uniform/clothing, remember to remove all jewelry for safety, and make sure hands and feet are clean with all nails trimmed.

We recommend that you wear loose-fitting pants and t-shirt for the first class. If you are interested, we can order you a keiko gi (training uniform) or you can acquire one on your own.

Please contact us for help finding an appropriate uniform ([email protected])