When evaluating a dojo to determine if it is the right place for your training, you will want to know who the instructors are, and who their instructors are. Our main instructors are Seishiro Endo Shihan, 8th Dan, Aikikai from Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan, and Jan Nevelius Shihan, 7th Dan, from Vanadis Aikido in Stockholm, Sweden.

Instructors at Aikido Seattle

  • Glenn Leichman, 5th Dan Aikikai. Owner and Chief instuctor. Leichman Sensei not only has many years of aikido practice, but also has a PhD in Psychology and maintains a private therapy practice next door to the dojo.
  • Lance Sobel, 3rd Dan Aikikai. Lance is an accomplished aikidoka as well as a Psychologist in private practice, where he specializes in the treatment of adolescents and their families.
  • Rupert Berk, 3rd Dan Aikikai. Rupert has been training since 1995, and teaching since 2002.
  • Nicholas Dambrauskas, 3rd Dan Aikikai. Nicholas started training in 2002 and started teaching in 2008.
  • Shawn Miller, 1st Dan Aikikai. Shawn has been training since 1999 and has been an uchi deschi (live-in student) at other dojos.
  • Emmanuel Pinault, 1st Kyu. Emmanuel currently teaches all of the kids' classes.

Visiting Instructors

In addition, we enjoy visits from instructors such as

  • Mouliko Halen, 7th Dan, Norway
  • Matti Joensuu, 6th Dan, Finland
  • Miranda Saarentaus, 6th Dan, Finland
  • Greg Angus, 6th Dan, Canada
  • Frank Ostoff, 5th Dan, Germany
  • Lothar Darjes, 5th Dan, Germany
  • Antony Pinchbeck, 5th Dan, England
  • Taina Nyström, 4th Dan, Finland
  • Astrid Artho, 4th Dan, Switzerland
  • Charles Colton, 4th Dan, New York, USA
  • Brian Levy, 4th Dan, New Orleans, LA, USA

These instructors enhance the atmosphere of Aikido Seattle and truly make it an international friendship dojo.

Photographer: Jan Nevelius

Lillsved, Aikido Camp, 2008 SWEDEN