Before training

  • Silence cell phones
  • Trim nails
  • Remove jewelry, including rings and piercings (or tape piercings)
  • Bandage open cuts
  • Wear a clean, odor-free, perfume-free keikogi
  • New students can wear comfortable clothing until they purchase a keikogi


  • Upon entering and leaving the practice area of the dojo make a standing bow
  • Always bow when stepping on or off the mat in the direction of the shomen
  • Close the changing room door completely
  • Try to be on time, but if you arrive late …
    • Wait until instruction pauses before walking across mat or leaving the changing room
    • Sit in seiza at the edge of the mat at the front of the dojo, wait for a pause in instruction, and say loudly to the instructor, “onegai shimasu”
    • After the instructor gives you permission to enter the mat (“dozo”), bow onto the mat and join training
    • When in doubt, wait for instruction from the instructor in charge of the class

During training

  • Seek out guest and senior partners
  • Minimize talking and verbal instruction while training (when not instructing)
  • If you understand the movement and are working with someone who does not, you may lead that person through it
  • Do not lean against wall
  • Request permission to leave mat (water, bathroom, etc.)
  • Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or limitations prior to training

After training

  • Thank your training partners with a bow and say, “domo arigato gozaimashita.” This is the most respectful way of saying thank you
  • Help with cleaning after class and before extra training