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Founder of our dojo

Glenn Leichman Sensei founded Aikido Seattle in 2006 with close friends and training partners who were seeking a better way of practice, one strongly influenced by Seishiro Endo Shihan.

Until his passing in 2023, Glenn served as chief instructor of the dojo. He received his Godan from Endo Sensei in 2016.

Glenn is remembered for his good humor, enthusiasm, and ability to draw people together from around the world to practice Aikido with a focus on ki, connection between partners, and calmness of mind. Thanks to Glenn, the Seattle Aikido community has welcomed incredible teachers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, England, Germany, Austria, and other countries.

The dojo has enjoyed visits from instructors such as

  • Mouliko Halen, 7th Dan, Norway
  • Matti Joensuu, 6th Dan, Finland
  • Miranda Saarentaus, 6th Dan, Finland
  • Greg Angus, 6th Dan, Canada
  • Frank Ostoff, 5th Dan, Germany
  • Lothar Darjes, 5th Dan, Germany
  • Antony Pinchbeck, 5th Dan, England
  • Charles Colton, 5th Dan, New York, USA
  • Taina Nyström, 5th Dan, Finland
  • Astrid Artho, 5th Dan, Switzerland
  • Brian Levy, 5th Dan, New Orleans, LA, USA
Photographer: Jan Nevelius

Lillsved, Aikido Camp, 2008 SWEDEN