The indoor dojo is open! We currently require proof of vaccination and masks (see policy).

Dojo COVID Policy

With the plan to move to statewide reopening from Governer Inslee, Aikido Seattle reopened the dojo for indoor Aikido practice on June 2, 2021.

Please read the following questions and answers for details.

Changes to this policy will be based on risk assessment and Washington State regulations.

8/23/2021 Per the Governor's proclamation, you must wear a mask inside the dojo, in addition to being fully vaccinated.

What are the current COVID safety measures?

Everyone in the dojo must show proof of being fully-vaccinated individuals. Please send a photo of your WA vaccination card to the dojo email. You must also wear a mask at all times inside the dojo.

If I don’t get a vaccine, when can I return to indoor practice?

Not sure yet. It will depend on the progression of the pandemic. In the meantime, you are welcome to attend the outdoor weapons classes.

Will I need to sign a new waiver?

Yes. All individuals will need to sign an updated waiver that includes CoVID saftey through the dojo web site prior to training.

Will there be indoor kids classes?

Probably not until kids are vaccinated.

How many people will be allowed to train together inside the dojo?

At the moment, up to 16 people can train inside the dojo at one time. We will monitor this number and adjust as needed.

Will there be outdoor weapons classes?

Yes. Outdoor weapons classes will continue In the Arboretum. Masks required for closer weapons contact, if not vaccinated.

What are the cleaning protocols?

Clean the dojo after every class, as before. Also, wash hands before each class to minimize the spread of disease.

Can visitors come inside to watch classes?

Yes, if they are fully vaccinated and show proof, and wear a mask.