The indoor dojo is open! We currently require proof of vaccination (see policy).

Dojo COVID-19 Policy

Updated: 10/26/2022

Proof of Full Vaccination

Everyone in the dojo must show proof of being fully vaccinated. Please send a photo of your CDC vaccination card to the dojo email.

Children who are not yet eligible for booster shots are considered up-to-date.


Masking is currently optional, but recommended.

Cold/flu symptoms

Please do not come to class if you have any cold symptoms, to keep us all safe.

Isolation after COVID-19 positive

Given the high contact nature of our practice, we ask you to refrain from practice for 10 days after expressing symptoms or testing positive. Follow CDC guidelines regarding how to calculate the days.

Dojo Waiver

All individuals must sign an updated waiver that includes COVID-19 safety through the dojo web site prior to training.

Cleaning Protocols

We clean the dojo after each class. You must also wash hands before and after each class to minimize the spread of disease.


Visitors can watch classes and train, if they show proof of full vaccination and wear an appropriate mask.